#1morioka Cherry Blossoms 2023

Morioka Castle Site Park (Iwate Park)

Morioka Castle Site Park (Iwate Park)

Morioka Cherry Blossom archives 2023

Morioka is a place where city and nature are in harmony. After a long winter, the long-awaited spring arrives, with all the greenery sprouting and flowers blooming at once. The cherry blossoms, in particular, are usually at their peak from mid to late April. Morioka City is said to have 13 varieties of cherry trees of 18 species, including Someiyoshino, of which Ishiwarizakura (Edohigan) and Morioka Shidare at Ryukokuji Temple are designated as national natural treasures. Wild cherry trees can also be seen in the surrounding hills, and their simple beauty is soothing. In this issue, we introduce some recommended cherry blossom viewing spots that are especially popular among the locals! Take a stroll and feel the spring in Morioka.